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Hi, I'm Hazel!

About Hazel Seo

Hazel Seo is a 3D computer graphics artist who specializes in video games, VR, and AR. She possesses a combination of artistic sense, creativity and technical skills, trained through her BFA and MFA degrees from the School of Visual Arts. As a graduate student in Computer Arts, she has become skilled with 3D graphics technology, including game environment design, game development, lighting, and basic programming. She is interested in creating beautiful environments with proper lighting by using her artistic and technical skills. She is passionate about collaborating with other teammates and learning communication techniques. She loves learning new things, experiencing different cultures, communicating with people. 


Hazel was born and raised in South Korea, where she witnessed a culture that notably consumes video games and e-sports. She combined her enthusiasm for these with her sens of craftsmanship and artistic ability, entering an art school for her secondary education, then majoring in illustration at School of Visual Arts, where she began learning computer graphics. As a graduate student in computer arts, she focused her skills and interests toward  video game production. As a 3D graphics artist, she loves the active engagement with the progressive medium. Unlike fine arts that is meant to be seen, video games must be played, and such active engagement motivates her. She is passionate about creating aesthetic environments, welcoming teamwork and learning opportunities.


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